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Audition Information

Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in Crescenloe 2023-2024! Crescenloe is Enloe’s resident a cappella group and was formed in 2015 by Nyla Smith. We perform at Enloe and across the Triangle! This page (and document below) will walk you through the audition process.

Interest Meetings

If you can, please join one of the interest meetings we are hosting! We will talk about what it’s like to be in Crescenloe and explain the audition process in detail.  We highly recommend you join one of these meetings if you are interested in auditioning. It will not only be very helpful for you, but we also want to see all your lovely faces and meet you guys. :)

Audition Process

We will hold auditions in the chorus room. Initial auditions will include introductions, solo auditions, and a section of an a cappella arrangement, and an ear test. Based on the amount of interest, participation, and number of submissions, information about further audition callbacks or decisions will be announced. We will do the group songs first, and begin the solo auditions starting at 3:30. You will submit an interest form and then sign up for an audition slot, posted under this section once audition time rolls around.

Audition Requirements

For auditions this year, you will prepare one song of your choice, learn one part of an a cappella arrangement we give you to sing with a small group, and perform an ear test.

Solo Song

Sing the verse and chorus of a song of your choice. It can be a slow or upbeat song so long as it is a good representation of your singing. It can NOT be from a musical. You must sing a cappella. Do not use backing tracks/accompaniment. Pick a song that showcases your range, special skills, stylistic choices, performance energy, and personality. Ultimately pick a song you are most confident with :)​

OPTIONAL ( but highly encouraged !! ): If you can beatbox, take 30-40 seconds at the end of this section of the audition to show us what you can do!

Group A Capella 

Learn the voice part you are most comfortable with considering your range and the range of the song. Do NOT learn the solo part. In Crescenloe, we often assign voice parts on a song by song basis, so you can also learn and sing multiple voice parts if you feel comfortable in more than one for this part of the audition.​ It does not have to be memorized, but be comfortable enough with the music that you can also focus on musicality, performance energy, and blend. In a cappella arrangements, it is more important to blend with the group than to stand out as a solo artist. That being said, make mindful musical choices. You can use the song that you chose to show off your solo strengths.

Ear Test

We will do a quick ear test to see your ability to match pitch and melodic patterns. A member will sing a series of pitches and then you will repeat them back to us.


  • Your sheet music for the group song (Ideally printed out, but having it on your phone is also fine!!)

  • A pencil

  • A fun fact about you

  • Your performance energy and acabop!

    • *acabop


your dance/groove/energy that goes with the song you’re singing

Post Auditions:

After auditioning, keep an eye on your email for any additional information or announcements as we go through this process. 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our exec team!

Vivian Cao :

Josie Milner: (919) 935-1676‬

Maya Spencer : @mayajspencer on insta


Follow us on Instagram (@crescenloe_enloe) for information, updates, and sneak peeks of the group!


Thank you so much for your interest in Crescenloe! All of Crescenloe wishes you the best of luck!


Happy Singing,


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