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Auditions 22-23

First of all, we want to say a big thank you for all the people who auditioned this year. You all were a truly fantastic and well rounded group. We are so excited to welcome these wonderful people to our group this year. This group is bursting with not only talent but truly admirable character, and they will make wonderful additions to our Crescenloe family for 23-24. 

New Members:
  • Emma Sluder 

  • Josh Thompson

  • Emma Gaddy

  • Kennedy Pope

  • Claire Fellows

  • Claire Michnowicz

  • Sarah Coltrane 

  • Kenshi Jung

  • Nate Branscomb

  • David Emmanuel

We truly could not be more happy about this group of people, and we are so looking forward to singing with them next year.

Best Regards,


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